This project received the 2008 Therapeutic Garden Design Award from The American Horticultural Therapy Association.

The Garden is based on a conceptual design by Martha Tyson, author of   The Healing Landscape: Therapeutic Outdoor Environments (McGraw Hill, 1998). The sensory garden for the William E. Carter School servers the specialized needs of profoundly developmentally delayed, multi-handicapped youth by providing a sensory packed garden that will meet the learning needs of the students from sensory awareness, planting, watering and harvesting to visual mobility training and recreational group activities. The design is arranged around a figure eight pathway that leads students to a variety of areas; through tall waving grasses: view, hear, and touch water cascading over an urn; sniff the scent of seasonal flowers and herbs and pick berries and vegetable. Students can wheel up to a raised flower bed divided into six rainbow colors and press a color associated button that releases a cooling overhead mist of water onto the plants. Students will be refreshed on hot summer days by traveling through 3 interactive water features. Teachers can utilize outdoor classrooms shaded by vine covered pergolas.

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