This project received the 2004 A.I.A. Ohio Society Honor Award for Design Excellence.

See the Cover Story Article of this project in the June 2007 Issue of Landscape Architect & Specifier News Magazine.


Denison University’s newly created Campus Common is part of a major building expansion program at the University. Located atop a new parking structure, this two acre open space has become the hub of Denison campus life. The Common is centered on the existing Slayter Hall student center to the south, with the new administration building to the east and the new Life Sciences Building to the west. The open north end overlooks the wooded hillside beyond. The Common features an open lawn ellipse with a paved performance area at Slayter Hall. The ellipse, encircled by a brick walk, is framed by metal pergolas cantilevered over seatwalls. Round seating pods adjacent to the Life Sciences Building, provide outdoor classroom space as well as intimate areas for study and socializing.

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