A new stone masonry and glass structure connects the early nineteenth century stone gothic church to the adjacent entry for the church.  The connector will contain a large reception space and garth beyond.  This new garth, behind the connector is the centerpiece to the project, providing an outdoor area for the church's numerous functions and receptions and is the focus of the views from inside the reception space.  A random patterned bluestone terrace at the connector's front entrance is designed to be a gathering space for parishioners after services.  The open lawn garth is framed by the church facade on one side, opposed by retaining walls enclosed by a row of ornamental trees and the existing function hall beyond.  Within the garth, a semi-circle paved terrace, three feet below the lawn grades, allows parishioners to gather around a small fountain that serves as the focal point for the garth.  Opposite to and on axis with the fountain is a curved vine covered pergola that will provide shaded seating as it focuses out to the open space of the garth.

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