Herring Cove Village is a new luxury residential development located at the tip of Cape Cod, in the West End of Provincetown. The market rate condominium homes feature 360 degree views of the picturesque Moors salt marsh, the primary and secondary dunes of Herring Cove Beach, the Bay and Provincetown Harbor and Pilgrim Monument. The landscape theme for the development combines Cape Cod traditional with the naturalistic character of the grassy Moors’ salt marsh and the unique landscape of the primary and secondary dunes of Herring Cove Beach. The low impact development features pervious pavements and indigenous plant materials that minimizing the need for supplemental irrigation. Each home features a private front garden enclosed by a low picket-fence typical of Provincetown and the Cape. The fence, draped with rambling roses contains a traditional Cottage Garden of colorful, multi-seasonal, perennials. Beyond the garden the landscape echoes the rustic Secondary dunes in full view beyond, with a blend of native ornamental grasses, sedges, perennials and groundcover typical of that environment.

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